Christmas in Germany

I grew up in Germany, dad was in the army and we were stationed there for the first half of my life. Christmas there is a magical thing, not mad rushes to Walmart for a DVD player. The coolest thing I remember from back then, my dad. 

 My dad would let us open all the presents under the tree on Christmas eve. We mixed German and American traditions in our holiday. After the gifts were opened, there was always something  that we needed to go do. He would pack us in the car, then say, “Wait I forgot my wallet.”. He would run up and put out the BIG gifts, the ones Santa delivered. Unaware, we would look at the lights and drive until we kids passed out. Carefully putting us in bed, we would awake to that dirt bike/guitar/RC car we had really wanted.

This post was going to be longer, but this gets to me.


Miss you dad. Merry Christmas


Obama is AWESOME!!!

No, not really. I just wanted to get a “friends” attention. I could give two shits about Obama and Obamacare. Yes I got sucked into that whole “Hope”, “Change”, “promises” and all the other crap. Why? I was tired of seeing Bush do his little half laugh, half facial tick everytime he announced another American got killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. This isn’t why I am writing this though.

I have problems. Mental and physical problems. I have lied to friends from here to heaven then back to hell. I lived 3 maybe 4 different “lives” with different sets of friends. I had a breakdown in Colorado after running out of meds that put me in  a freaking mental home for they say a week. I have no clue. I did all these things while SICK.  I posted a good little “Fuck you!” to Miley and saw a post from a “friend”. It was about a guy opening his business on the Parkway, a Federal road. I pointed out that no matter what people say, Obamacare is now a law, like not killing is a law. I get reamed.

Are you that fucking closed-minded that you think since I did want “Change” and it didn’t work, that I still want this guy? Am I not forgiven for my past? What the fuck is it because I am getting real tired of your shit. I have 2, 2 friends town. Should I just start saying 1 now?


Laura Wilde LIVE In NC!


lwOK everyone. If you are in the Winston-Salem area, or just close, get your ass to Ziggy’s June 16th.

I PROMISE you a show that will blow your mind.

Aussie rocker Laura Wilde will be tearing the roof off that place.

Fresh off joining the Dean Guitar family as well as Fuchs amps, some straight up, REAL Rock-n-Roll

from Down Under.

Maybe even a tip of the top hat to another Australian legend, AC/DC?

All bets are ON for a night to remember, oh and did I mention she is a stone cold beauty?


Her latest video HERE.

DO IT, you won’t regret it.


COMBAT JACKS: Director’s Cut by Mark McKenna

OK, Mark McKenna is relaunching Combat Jacks: Directors cut via Kickstarter. He only has a few days left and needs everyone to kick in. He has some one of a kind rewards that I only wish I could get. Help a Hall of Famer finally complete his entire vision. Go to the Kickstarter page HERE.

Relaunching the successful original Combat Jacks comic and extending it from 24 to 32 pages with additional story, art and pin ups.


Autographed Tucci variant


OWN the original cover art!

Original inked cover by superstar Art Thibert over blue lined pencils by Jason Baroody! Theres only one of these, peeps and its HOT!


Original Star Wars pin up art!



Tommy Lee says NO to meet and greets.

Rocker Tommy Lee just issued a statement on his Facebook page stating he will no longer take part in band “Meet and Greets”.

For those of you that are asking why I am not doing anymore meet and greets!! It’s got nothing to do with me not wanting to meet the fans, I just don’t agree with doing it under the certain given circumstances.i love u all and I’ll gladly high five y’all if I see u out n about – and u won’t have to pay me for that;) Tommy

Tommy was allegedly involved in an altercation with a photographer on a beach in Florida just before embarking on Motley Crue“s Australian tour. He had also recently stated his displeasure towards paparazzi and others taking photos of him citing a time when a funeral home director asked for a picture as he was picking up his mothers ashes.

Good for Tommy for standing up to corporate greed.


Sign and make EDS a legitimate disability.


Sign and make EDS a legitimate disability.

I am on disability. I was before signs of my EDS showed up. I realize now, if I didn’t have some other things wrong with me, I would be homeless or in an institution unable to walk. This is a REAL disease, help me make the government see it that way as well please.