Free Iron man Helmet contest.

A good friend of mine in jolly old England makes things, REALLY cool things. This is his YouTube page and he has some great instructional videos on how to make your own Iron man Armor. OUT OF PAPER! (And some other stuff of course.) Check him out, like his Facebook page (in my links to the side) you might win a Ironman Helmet, and learn a few things.


So check him out here and on YouTube.

I am not a hoax.

 I was just reading an article about Manti Te’o and five other online hoaxes and thought, “I wonder if people out there think I am a hoax?”. Well there were a few similar things in those other hoaxes, enough to make me even wonder. They had people hiding behind blogs, a girl who got offered a job writing and diseases people faked having to scam people. I am here to tell you all, I am not a hoax, I am not out to scam anyone. I may have done some shady things in my past, but I am not here to scam your money.

 What I really am is a disabled vet, trying to find a job writing for a magazine or website where I could actually earn some extra money, broaden my world view and make my way in life without the aid of the government. Now I will show my face to the world just to prove I am not some shifty eyed con-artist. Here you go…

See? A face you can trust.
See? A face you can trust.

Click on my face for the article.