COMBAT JACKS: Director’s Cut by Mark McKenna

OK, Mark McKenna is relaunching Combat Jacks: Directors cut via Kickstarter. He only has a few days left and needs everyone to kick in. He has some one of a kind rewards that I only wish I could get. Help a Hall of Famer finally complete his entire vision. Go to the Kickstarter page HERE.

Relaunching the successful original Combat Jacks comic and extending it from 24 to 32 pages with additional story, art and pin ups.


Autographed Tucci variant


OWN the original cover art!

Original inked cover by superstar Art Thibert over blue lined pencils by Jason Baroody! Theres only one of these, peeps and its HOT!


Original Star Wars pin up art!



Tom Cruise is CRAZY but…

he can make a good action movie. Add a little Morgan Freeman, and some sci-fi, and it may be a hit. I just hope this isn’t some Scientology (You don’t have to watch the vole video I linked, just go to 1:06 and 4:31), Battlefield Earth crap. I get a Matrix, Total Recall and other strange feelings when I watch this. (No I am not touching myself)

OblivionThe world is in dire need of some good sci-fi, I truly hope this delivers. Check out the trailer HERE along with a few other TV spots for the movie.