Tits are for talent?

RANT TIME! It is a stupid one as well, so move along.

I have been a fan of a certain writer for years now. Got to know her online, she introduced me to some major talent in the art field. What drew me to her? Her huge tits. When you put yourself out there as an author, then change your Facebook pic to you wearing a super-tight “geek shirt“, you lose some points in the artistic realm.

'Total Recall' Remake

What got me on this tit rant was this woman’s newest update to her Kickstarter. She started this series of books years ago. I have always supported her. My problem is… She treats her novel as a comic book! Yeah, there are heroes and superhuman fights, but as each book has come along, she started adding more artwork. Not just to the book, but as incentives to pledge. Her books have become novels with concept art pages in the center. Fluff!

If that wasn’t enough, her stretch goals. Useless comi-con bling. T-shirts, art cards (each from famous comic artists), zipper bobs. Zipper bobs?! WTF is that and what does it have to do with the story? This is from her own website…

In addition to the novel itself, the book features an art gallery with original character designs by artists from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image: Barry Kitson, Dan Panosian, Dave Johnson, Mark McKenna, Natasha Allegri, Jason Baroody, Derek Laufman, Thor Mangila and Jon ‘Roc’ Upchurch – as well as YouTube personality Comic Book Girl 19.

So she wrote a book… And had everyone else do the hard work!

My biggest hate of this new breed of writer is Kickstarter. You only have to have a basic outline of a story to get thousands of horny teens to pony up $50,000 K for a novel that isn’t even written yet. If you would stop fucking around with designers, 3 editors and trips South of the Border, this last book of the trilogy would be finished. Part one was OK. Part two? I couldn’t stomach it.

So today, when she put up her video update, I called her and all writers out on not having a story before you raised the money. I joked about her boobs and how her vacation photos would be in my inbox soon. Joking with her as I always do.

I get berated.

Give me $50K. I would sit in a cabin for a month and bang out something pretty cool. I would use that money to support myself and expenses, not t-shirts and stickers. There is time for all that if you can get a movie deal out of this trilogy. I am in a piss mood anyway so fuck it. Let the boobs win. I like boobs and hate having my feelings for them used to sell something I am not interested in.

Cards for Dennis

This is Dennis. He is going through some tough stuff, but he still believes in HEROES! Cos-players from around the world are coming together just to make this guys Holidays a bit more cheerful. He REALLY believes in the characters we “dress up” as. We are calling on the cos-play community to do one simple thing, send Dennis a card or photo of you IN CHARACTER. You are 501st, send a pic as a TK. You play Spidey? Have “him” or Peter Parker shoot a photo to him. Whoever you co-splay, BE THAT HERO. Send a card to Dennis. If you want the address, PM me or go to the page https://www.facebook.com/IAmSpartan223 to see everyone in action.” – Deaderpool

Alright everyone, this is Dennis who is 55 years old, mentally and physically disabled, and has terminal cancer with 5-6 months to live and he loves superheros as if you couldn’t tell by his awesome PJ‘s!

Cards for dennis
For those who are going to send love & support for Dennis, kindly find his mailing address in this post’s comment.

Spartan 223‘s personal fb has been temporary blocked from personal messaging due to replying everyone to ask him for Dennis address.

For those who are going to send love & support for Dennis, kindly find his mailing address in this post’s comment. Thank you. — with David Johnston Jr and James Fipps.

Alright guys, I have a request. If you’re a Cosplayer I need your help. Meet Dennis who is 55 years old, mentally and physically disabled, and has terminal cancer with 5-6 months to live. He loves superheros as if you couldn’t tell by his awesome PJ’s! My request to you is, lets get this guy some Christmas Cards and inside lets put a picture of our character with a signature. If you’re interested in doing this please let me know, I’d love to make this happen so I can get these mailed in time for Christmas!! — with James Fipps.


Victoria, Cosplay Girl

Do you like cosplay? Do you like beautiful women? Do you like beautiful women dressed in skin-tight latex Catwoman costumes or dressed as Slave Leia?

If you said no, get outta here ya freak! For the rest of us sane people, I give you Victoria-Cosplay Girl.

Whatever geek fantasy you have, she can dress it.

Check her out at one or all of her web locations, or at a Con near you.


Gaggle of Slave Leias
Here with Adrianne Curry and a geekgasm of Slave Leia 

I have this print signed. Priceless

Who raided the sex shop?

So they showed the costume that will cling to the new NBC Wonder Woman series. Um? OK, I really can’t say anymore than three-quarters of the internet have already moaned about, but come on, she looks like she works in Nevada at a Superhero themed brothel!

Well good luck NBC, I smell cheesy failure.

Thats $300 an hour
Wonder Woman?