Christmas in Germany

I grew up in Germany, dad was in the army and we were stationed there for the first half of my life. Christmas there is a magical thing, not mad rushes to Walmart for a DVD player. The coolest thing I remember from back then, my dad. 

 My dad would let us open all the presents under the tree on Christmas eve. We mixed German and American traditions in our holiday. After the gifts were opened, there was always something  that we needed to go do. He would pack us in the car, then say, “Wait I forgot my wallet.”. He would run up and put out the BIG gifts, the ones Santa delivered. Unaware, we would look at the lights and drive until we kids passed out. Carefully putting us in bed, we would awake to that dirt bike/guitar/RC car we had really wanted.

This post was going to be longer, but this gets to me.


Miss you dad. Merry Christmas