Mark McKenna is at it again!

Combat Jacks: The continuing Saga!

Last year, legendary inker Mark McKenna revived his one shot comic “Combat Jacks” but did like any good movie director does, made that one a Directors Cut. Now he is raising funds to continue the story of tough space marines vs evil pumpkin=like creatures. What are they? Are they the offshoot of earthly gourds?  Well donate and find out. He has some amazing original art up as rewards, even women shoes with the comic print on them. Crazy!

Combat Jacks Bottle openers


Combat Jacks Ladies shoes!


Combat Jacks Cynthia Rothrock Variant Cover. (Not final cover pictured)


So go to the link and get your art, shoes, shirts and much more at his Kickstarter

I’m writing a BOOK!

So I have been quiet for a bit. I have a very good reason, trust me. I promised myself that this year was going to be my year. I have my hands in many things, but my big project is finally becoming a reality. Nikkol Jelenic of Nikkol Jelenic Art made the announcement for me by way of unveiling the main character of my upcoming comic book!

Check out her site for some great commission art, she is an amazing talent and a name to watch as she rises to fame in the comic world. She has teamed up with comic book legend Mark McKenna on some projects and just released her second book in the “A Time for Killing” series. A personal favorite of mine is her pencils covered with Mark’s inks on a Deadpool headshot that is framed on my wall. Check out Mark McKenna at his official site and his amazing childrens series, Banana Tail

Without further hoopla, I present to you Old Dog!



Last Breath. A Kickstarter you should back.

OK people, another comic book friend of mine is doing a KickstarterSam Eggleston is bringing his baby to life, Last Breath.

Last Breath

Last Breath

What would do if you were an astronaut and you knew exactly how many breaths of life you had left? He has some great rewards including commissioned drawings from Brian Lopez-Santos , the guy who did my awesome X-23. Check it out, pitch in what you can. Kickstarter lets QUALITY entertainment be created that would otherwise be overlooked for some new Crappy Adam Sandler movie.

Help independent artists.

Franchesco! Go meet him at SDCC

PLEASE, go and “like” my dear friend Franchesco’s new FAN PAGE!. He is a brilliant artist and loves to create women straight from your dreams.

I DARE you not to look at these pieces of art and NOT drool.


A Beautiful Death hehe.


Wanted all right!


Remember to go see Franchesco in the Artists Alley EE-08 July 17-21



OK, let me start over.

With entertainment lawyers on retainer and given the all clear, let us return to the intermittently scheduled programming…


Well lets see, my cover with Rock ThiZ Magazine went through a new designer and is available to order right HERE, and make sure you join their Facebook page . My issue is the one with Halestorm on the cover and I am really proud and thankful that Lisa and RTM gave me the cover. There were people who said that RTM could not get Halestorm, well I proved you wrong. Here, take a look at this AWESOME cover.

My very first cover, totally Hyatt Media here.
My very first cover, totally Hyatt Media here.

Inside there is my article on them from their show in Asheville NC at The Orange Peel, on 12/12/12. As an ADDED bonus, photos and article of Sum 41 that played the same venue, just a week or so earlier. Opening for Halestorm was In This Moment. Now don’t get me wrong, I have listened to their new stuff and the album sounds good, great video as well. Live on the other hand  my God my ears. It was like WW2 and air raid sirens were going off as this woman sang. The lighting was dark purple or red, and as a concert photographer the golden rule/s are; First 3 songs, no flash. Hell I needed a spotlight.

Please go to my company Facebook page, give us a like as well as RTM. I might be nice and put up a photo gallery here if you are nice. Here is to the upcoming concert season, rock hard and just say “NO!”. I mean it, walk around saying the word no to people, be crazy like that. I leave you now with a bit of older Halestorm, I Get Off.

I Get Off


COMBAT JACKS: Director’s Cut by Mark McKenna

OK, Mark McKenna is relaunching Combat Jacks: Directors cut via Kickstarter. He only has a few days left and needs everyone to kick in. He has some one of a kind rewards that I only wish I could get. Help a Hall of Famer finally complete his entire vision. Go to the Kickstarter page HERE.

Relaunching the successful original Combat Jacks comic and extending it from 24 to 32 pages with additional story, art and pin ups.


Autographed Tucci variant


OWN the original cover art!

Original inked cover by superstar Art Thibert over blue lined pencils by Jason Baroody! Theres only one of these, peeps and its HOT!


Original Star Wars pin up art!