Sooooo. The Flash Easter Egg.

I happened upon an élite screening of the upcoming CW series, The Flash. All in all it was a pretty solid show, this coming from a guy who usually says “Make mine Marvel.”. If you watched the extended trailer for the show, well you saw just about ALL the action in the premier. That being said, the show does have great character development. A certain police officers daughter could use some more acting chops, but who cares?

Here is the ending easter egg for you….

Here at S.T.A.R. labs, we have “Wheels“. (I am calling him that.)


Wheels has a secret room!

wheels1I can make fun of this guy by calling him Wheels because this happens.


It is a MIRACLE! He also has a button.


What does this button do? Well it brings up a holographic image of a newspaper. Look at the date, Headline and sidebar column.


Flashpoint anyone?

What the hell is DC doing? Marvel has a plan, DC seems like they are throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. With the Batman V Superman movie containing Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Bats and Supes (And God knows who else), their TV side has Arrow, who made a cameo in The Flash, Gotham babies and a prospect of a Batman in this series, WTF? Bless them, oh this is gonna get messy.



Check our Hall of Fame inker Mark McKenna and his Kickstarter campaign for Combat Jacks 2, The continuing SAGA!

He has put up some great rewards for this one. Original art up the wazoo! If he hits his $6000 goal or beyond, if he hits $6500 everybody who pledged will get a PDF file of the fiendishly good 40 page

 PLB Halloween Special 2013!!



I got the Star Wars, “Duel of the Twi’leks” VERY limited CVI print

duelGet them now, while you can.

I’m writing a BOOK!

So I have been quiet for a bit. I have a very good reason, trust me. I promised myself that this year was going to be my year. I have my hands in many things, but my big project is finally becoming a reality. Nikkol Jelenic of Nikkol Jelenic Art made the announcement for me by way of unveiling the main character of my upcoming comic book!

Check out her site for some great commission art, she is an amazing talent and a name to watch as she rises to fame in the comic world. She has teamed up with comic book legend Mark McKenna on some projects and just released her second book in the “A Time for Killing” series. A personal favorite of mine is her pencils covered with Mark’s inks on a Deadpool headshot that is framed on my wall. Check out Mark McKenna at his official site and his amazing childrens series, Banana Tail

Without further hoopla, I present to you Old Dog!



Cards for Dennis

This is Dennis. He is going through some tough stuff, but he still believes in HEROES! Cos-players from around the world are coming together just to make this guys Holidays a bit more cheerful. He REALLY believes in the characters we “dress up” as. We are calling on the cos-play community to do one simple thing, send Dennis a card or photo of you IN CHARACTER. You are 501st, send a pic as a TK. You play Spidey? Have “him” or Peter Parker shoot a photo to him. Whoever you co-splay, BE THAT HERO. Send a card to Dennis. If you want the address, PM me or go to the page to see everyone in action.” – Deaderpool

Alright everyone, this is Dennis who is 55 years old, mentally and physically disabled, and has terminal cancer with 5-6 months to live and he loves superheros as if you couldn’t tell by his awesome PJ‘s!

Cards for dennis
For those who are going to send love & support for Dennis, kindly find his mailing address in this post’s comment.

Spartan 223‘s personal fb has been temporary blocked from personal messaging due to replying everyone to ask him for Dennis address.

For those who are going to send love & support for Dennis, kindly find his mailing address in this post’s comment. Thank you. — with David Johnston Jr and James Fipps.

Alright guys, I have a request. If you’re a Cosplayer I need your help. Meet Dennis who is 55 years old, mentally and physically disabled, and has terminal cancer with 5-6 months to live. He loves superheros as if you couldn’t tell by his awesome PJ’s! My request to you is, lets get this guy some Christmas Cards and inside lets put a picture of our character with a signature. If you’re interested in doing this please let me know, I’d love to make this happen so I can get these mailed in time for Christmas!! — with James Fipps.


Franchesco! Go meet him at SDCC

PLEASE, go and “like” my dear friend Franchesco’s new FAN PAGE!. He is a brilliant artist and loves to create women straight from your dreams.

I DARE you not to look at these pieces of art and NOT drool.


A Beautiful Death hehe.


Wanted all right!


Remember to go see Franchesco in the Artists Alley EE-08 July 17-21