Sooooo. The Flash Easter Egg.

I happened upon an élite screening of the upcoming CW series, The Flash. All in all it was a pretty solid show, this coming from a guy who usually says “Make mine Marvel.”. If you watched the extended trailer for the show, well you saw just about ALL the action in the premier. That being said, the show does have great character development. A certain police officers daughter could use some more acting chops, but who cares?

Here is the ending easter egg for you….

Here at S.T.A.R. labs, we have “Wheels“. (I am calling him that.)


Wheels has a secret room!

wheels1I can make fun of this guy by calling him Wheels because this happens.


It is a MIRACLE! He also has a button.


What does this button do? Well it brings up a holographic image of a newspaper. Look at the date, Headline and sidebar column.


Flashpoint anyone?

What the hell is DC doing? Marvel has a plan, DC seems like they are throwing things at the wall to see what sticks. With the Batman V Superman movie containing Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Bats and Supes (And God knows who else), their TV side has Arrow, who made a cameo in The Flash, Gotham babies and a prospect of a Batman in this series, WTF? Bless them, oh this is gonna get messy.


So remember when I said…

that I was going to do something BIG this year? I also mentioned a book. Well I am not going to jinx it by telling you what it is, but I will say these words. Reno, contracts, awesome. I will update more as things get finalized. Wish me luck.PANCAKES!!!

Tom Cruise is CRAZY but…

he can make a good action movie. Add a little Morgan Freeman, and some sci-fi, and it may be a hit. I just hope this isn’t some Scientology (You don’t have to watch the vole video I linked, just go to 1:06 and 4:31), Battlefield Earth crap. I get a Matrix, Total Recall and other strange feelings when I watch this. (No I am not touching myself)

OblivionThe world is in dire need of some good sci-fi, I truly hope this delivers. Check out the trailer HERE along with a few other TV spots for the movie.

Could this FINALLY be the day for Lindsay Lohan? I hope so

The color suits her
The color suits her

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Lindsay and Dina showed up at Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica (see video) at around 1 AM Wednesday.  Lindsay stayed in the car while Dina went inside to check in, but she was unceremoniously turned away.   Sources at Shutters tell TMZ they put Lindsay on a blacklist after she allegedly trashed one of their rooms in 2007.

So here is some of the story from TMZ>

Lindsay’s new lawyer, Mark Heller, notified the court Tuesday that Lindsay would not appear as ordered on Wednesday because she had an upper respiratory infection.  Problem is, the very day she got a doctor’s note saying she was unfit to fly, she was shopping up a storm in SoHo, and we got the pictures to prove it.

So we’re told Lindsay and Dina have booked a flight to L.A. that’s supposed to take off in an hour.

And get this … we’re also told Lindsay has been “begging ” Shawn Holley to take her back as a client.  As we reported, Lindsay sent Shawn a letter firing her and even signed legal docs having Shawn removed as counsel.

We’re told Lindsay and her peeps are now pleading with Shawn to come back.  Lindsay is crying that she can’t stand Heller and wants it the way it was … problem is, Lindsay already made her bed and as we already reported, Holley is over Lindsay for good.
TMZ could not reach Holley for comment.

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I hate to hate on people, but this girl needs a reality check. She gets away with so much shit, it pisses me off. It were me, I would be in jail for life.- Me

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