Superman VS The Incredible Hulk

For the past 3 years, Mike Habjan has tried to answer the age-old, schoolyard argument. Who would win in a fight between the Hulk and Superman. This has been a “just for fun” project for him, and today he released part 4. Each one gets longer and they are very awesome. Check them all out here.


I wanna be Halestorm’s tour guide!

ReAmimate 2.0I gather from my last post, you can probably tell I want to go back to Germany, right? I do, I very much do! One thing I would love to do is visit all my old houses, or the spots where they once stood at least. It has been a long time and I know things have changed, they always do.

Well the other day I got an email announcing Halestorm‘s German tour dates ( I don’t know if they are public knowledge yet, so I will stay mum ) and got a great idea. I have tried to get a major interview with Halestorm, well any big name artist really, but mainly Halestorm. So I thought to myself, “Why not pitch the idea to Atlantic records and my contact  the idea of me traveling with them?”! I could be a tour guide, I have lived all over the country. I could be a translator, well not a pro translator as my German has faded in the years. I could also be a journalist, like a reporter embedded with the troops during wars ( This would be much safer ). It would be a win situation for all parties.

I will not accept or ask for a salary, just pay my way. Plane tickets, rooms, maybe a per diem for food? I would sign a waiver absolving them of anything horrible that could happen, and I would have the story of a lifetime. I am clean, quiet when need be, don’t take up much space and eat very little.

If you think that this would be a great idea, please contact Atlantic records, let them know I am a fan, reporter, vet, EDS sufferer and this would make my dreams come true. I would love you all long time and do a little dance maybe? Would love this to really happen.


Deaderpool AKA M.S.H.

The Wolverine is BACK!






OK, I am officially excited about this one. Everyone just forget Origins. FORGET IT, for all that is holy, forget that damn movie! Don’t get me started on what they did to “The Merc with a Mouth“. My little yellow and white boxes still haven’t stopped yelling. (If you know what I am talking about, 10 bonus points!)

Back to The Wolverine, Hugh Jackman looks like he nails it this time. He was awesome in the first 3 X-men movies, although 3 was… eh? I love the samurai story line from the comics, hopefully they don’t screw the pooch on this.

If the embedded trailer wont work, here is the link. LINK

J.J. Abrams must have the worlds biggest boner right now.


Why are you thinking of J.J. Abrams‘ boner you might ask? Well if you have not heardJ.J. has been tapped to direct episode 7 of freaking Star Wars! I would have a boner, hell I will admit it, I have a huge boner. J.J.’s is much bigger though. Abrams gets to make the film that people my age and level of geekery have wanted to see since we were kids, but knew we never would.

Lucas went and did (shudder) episodes 1-3 instead. I am not saying I hated them, but episode 1 was bad(with exception of Maul), 2 was a mopey, flat acted romance, but 3 was OK  At least 3 had great action scenes, but the climactic battle between Vader and Obiwan was less than the legendary status Star Wars fans had bestowed on it. Noooooo!

Now, J.J. freaking Abrams, will be the first man to have directed a Star Wars AND a Star Trek film in history. Two of the most influential franchises on Earth, and he gets them. That my friends is instant Viagra. Watch out for priapism, if you go more than 3 sequels, you may have a major medical problem.

If you are a fan of neither one, first FOR SHAME, second to you this matters not. All I know is, he better not kill Chewie. OK, gonna go get some ice for this boner.


In this Moment (live)

On 12/12/12, instead of watching the relief concert on TV, I went to out local bar in my small home town, Asheville NC. I was there to see Grammy nominated Halestorm, but I had to make it through 2 opening acts first.

Of all the bands that night, In this Moment were the worst. The FIRST band I only got to hear a few songs from, like a great cover of Billy Idol’s White wedding. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but I will tell you more later.

Now watch in splendor or horror, at In this Moment. 

Metal’s version of Lady Ga_Ga?