Tits are for talent?

RANT TIME! It is a stupid one as well, so move along.

I have been a fan of a certain writer for years now. Got to know her online, she introduced me to some major talent in the art field. What drew me to her? Her huge tits. When you put yourself out there as an author, then change your Facebook pic to you wearing a super-tight “geek shirt“, you lose some points in the artistic realm.

'Total Recall' Remake

What got me on this tit rant was this woman’s newest update to her Kickstarter. She started this series of books years ago. I have always supported her. My problem is… She treats her novel as a comic book! Yeah, there are heroes and superhuman fights, but as each book has come along, she started adding more artwork. Not just to the book, but as incentives to pledge. Her books have become novels with concept art pages in the center. Fluff!

If that wasn’t enough, her stretch goals. Useless comi-con bling. T-shirts, art cards (each from famous comic artists), zipper bobs. Zipper bobs?! WTF is that and what does it have to do with the story? This is from her own website…

In addition to the novel itself, the book features an art gallery with original character designs by artists from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and Image: Barry Kitson, Dan Panosian, Dave Johnson, Mark McKenna, Natasha Allegri, Jason Baroody, Derek Laufman, Thor Mangila and Jon ‘Roc’ Upchurch – as well as YouTube personality Comic Book Girl 19.

So she wrote a book… And had everyone else do the hard work!

My biggest hate of this new breed of writer is Kickstarter. You only have to have a basic outline of a story to get thousands of horny teens to pony up $50,000 K for a novel that isn’t even written yet. If you would stop fucking around with designers, 3 editors and trips South of the Border, this last book of the trilogy would be finished. Part one was OK. Part two? I couldn’t stomach it.

So today, when she put up her video update, I called her and all writers out on not having a story before you raised the money. I joked about her boobs and how her vacation photos would be in my inbox soon. Joking with her as I always do.

I get berated.

Give me $50K. I would sit in a cabin for a month and bang out something pretty cool. I would use that money to support myself and expenses, not t-shirts and stickers. There is time for all that if you can get a movie deal out of this trilogy. I am in a piss mood anyway so fuck it. Let the boobs win. I like boobs and hate having my feelings for them used to sell something I am not interested in.

Kerri Kasem is making me quit!

Quit smoking that is. 


Kerri Kasem has opened a new store(smoke bar?) down in Hollywood. called Good Vapor. Photos on the website look great. The place is clean and trendy and the people amazing. I recently spoke to Jesse, my nemesis in the daily struggle for Kerri’s affection (He has already won and I truly like the guy), and he gave me the rundown on all things Vapor.

They have an extensive menu of healthy alternatives to tobacco and top of the line vaporizers at very good prices. So a Pro-kit is zooming my way, and if I can stretch this last pack of cigarettes, I will soon be smoke free. No more spending $5+ a day for the sticks of death. I am totally committing myself to doing this. My health sucks as it is so doing this will make me feel so much better. I will give you my review of the vaporizer after I get it.

Don’t forget to check out my last post about her new Kasem Cares Foundation. It is a sad situation but also inspiring with the way she is fighting back. The best part about it is, you can help!

So head on down there, visit the site, call (310) 276-1788 or email them at GoodVaporBeverlyHills@Gmail.com

The address is…

Good Vapor Beverly Hills
9006 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
(310) 276-1788
Good Vapor Hollywood
5009 Hollywood Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 717-4663


Was sent this early this morning, Mz. Hyde from Halestorm. The video was directed by Award-winning Filmmaker Daniel E Catullo III and Produced by The City Drive Entertainment Group. The video is a montage of live images captured while out on the European Tour with Alter Bridge.


There was a girl in Erlangen…

I am jumping about ten years ahead in my story about a Cold War BRAT. I just have to today, devastating news does that.

There was a girl… Isn’t that how most stories begin? This girl was so beautiful and a bit out of my league, but I chanced it. I felt I could be open with her because she seemed to be holding back, her eyes were full of mystery and sadness. I knew that feeling well.

We ended up “going out” and we both did stupid things that lead to jealousy. All was forgiven though, she was an amazing girl.

After our mutual mistakes, I remember this the most, we laid in bed and just held each other and talked. All day! Nothing sexual about it, just a closeness of knowing. It was a beautiful day.

Today, this girl now a woman is in pain. A pain no parent should endure. I wish I could relive that day, that girl and that soothing feeling of close. I wish I could ease her pain but cannot.

My Jenni in Erlangen, I will be here for you when you need me. I love you my dear friend.








GRAMMY award-winning rock band HALESTORM is coming to Los Angeles and bringing with them a full night of total female rock domination.

All three bands performing at the Wiltern Theatre on Wednesday, Sept. 18th are female-fronted and female guitar players.

Basically one night of bad ass chicks shredding Los Angeles.


HALESTORM’S LZZY HALE has not only appeared on the cover of REVOLVER but she’s been named their #1 “Hottest Chick in Hard Rock.” Upon its release last spring, THE STRANGE CASE OF, the second album from Atlantic Records artist HALESTORM, shot to the #1 slot on Billboard’s Hard Rock Albums chart. The first single, “Love Bites (So Do I),” marked the first song by a female fronted group to top the active rock chart, and earned the band a Grammy award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance.  The song was also the #1 song of 2012 on SiriusXM’s Octane. The band’s second single “Freak Like Me” has already hit #1 on the Active Rock chart and their third single “Here’s To Us” is climbing the charts now. Halestorm’s next release sees the band putting their distinctive brand an eclectic collection of classic songs for their “ReAniMate 2.0: The CoVeRs eP” due October 15th.



EYES SET TO KILL will open the show. The four-piece metal band is led by ALEXIA RODRIGUEZ’S piercing vocal prowess. With stellar musicianship, mature songwriting and an adrenaline-charged resonance, it’s clear this explosive quartet is on the verge of redefining the genre. The band will be supporting their new album MASKS due September 17th.






Laura Wilde LIVE In NC!


lwOK everyone. If you are in the Winston-Salem area, or just close, get your ass to Ziggy’s June 16th.

I PROMISE you a show that will blow your mind.

Aussie rocker Laura Wilde will be tearing the roof off that place.

Fresh off joining the Dean Guitar family as well as Fuchs amps, some straight up, REAL Rock-n-Roll

from Down Under.

Maybe even a tip of the top hat to another Australian legend, AC/DC?

All bets are ON for a night to remember, oh and did I mention she is a stone cold beauty?


Her latest video HERE.

DO IT, you won’t regret it.