About me. I am weird

This is a work in progress, just like myself. Was in the 501st, now a disabled Vet who hurts everyday. The pills help, so you may get some crazy ramblings on here late at night. I am a freelance music and entertainment journalist looking for a paying position.

More to come

3 thoughts on “About me. I am weird

  1. Hi Michael – Was wondering if you are still active here. I just read your letter written to those who do not have EDS. Perfect timing. I had just been screamed at by my less than understanding husband about what I don’t do. He wasn’t always like this. I’m trying to understand it from his perspective, but he’ll, I can’t even understand it from mine. I’m 62 and just last week diagnosed. It’s devastating, but also a relief. I may finally be able to get the proper pain management that I’ve been seeking for so long. I finally feel like I’m at least on the right path. Thanks again. I’m going to send that letter to my husband when he cools off. Your words have really helped me. Thank you for being a voice when so many others don’t have one. Sincerely, Joanne

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