There was a girl in Erlangen…

I am jumping about ten years ahead in my story about a Cold War BRAT. I just have to today, devastating news does that.

There was a girl… Isn’t that how most stories begin? This girl was so beautiful and a bit out of my league, but I chanced it. I felt I could be open with her because she seemed to be holding back, her eyes were full of mystery and sadness. I knew that feeling well.

We ended up “going out” and we both did stupid things that lead to jealousy. All was forgiven though, she was an amazing girl.

After our mutual mistakes, I remember this the most, we laid in bed and just held each other and talked. All day! Nothing sexual about it, just a closeness of knowing. It was a beautiful day.

Today, this girl now a woman is in pain. A pain no parent should endure. I wish I could relive that day, that girl and that soothing feeling of close. I wish I could ease her pain but cannot.

My Jenni in Erlangen, I will be here for you when you need me. I love you my dear friend.