Obama is AWESOME!!!

No, not really. I just wanted to get a “friends” attention. I could give two shits about Obama and Obamacare. Yes I got sucked into that whole “Hope”, “Change”, “promises” and all the other crap. Why? I was tired of seeing Bush do his little half laugh, half facial tick everytime he announced another American got killed in Iraq or Afghanistan. This isn’t why I am writing this though.

I have problems. Mental and physical problems. I have lied to friends from here to heaven then back to hell. I lived 3 maybe 4 different “lives” with different sets of friends. I had a breakdown in Colorado after running out of meds that put me in  a freaking mental home for they say a week. I have no clue. I did all these things while SICK.  I posted a good little “Fuck you!” to Miley and saw a post from a “friend”. It was about a guy opening his business on the Parkway, a Federal road. I pointed out that no matter what people say, Obamacare is now a law, like not killing is a law. I get reamed.

Are you that fucking closed-minded that you think since I did want “Change” and it didn’t work, that I still want this guy? Am I not forgiven for my past? What the fuck is it because I am getting real tired of your shit. I have 2, 2 friends town. Should I just start saying 1 now?