OK, let me start over.

With entertainment lawyers on retainer and given the all clear, let us return to the intermittently scheduled programming…


Well lets see, my cover with Rock ThiZ Magazine went through a new designer and is available to order right HERE, and make sure you join their Facebook page . My issue is the one with Halestorm on the cover and I am really proud and thankful that Lisa and RTM gave me the cover. There were people who said that RTM could not get Halestorm, well I proved you wrong. Here, take a look at this AWESOME cover.

My very first cover, totally Hyatt Media here.
My very first cover, totally Hyatt Media here.

Inside there is my article on them from their show in Asheville NC at The Orange Peel, on 12/12/12. As an ADDED bonus, photos and article of Sum 41 that played the same venue, just a week or so earlier. Opening for Halestorm was In This Moment. Now don’t get me wrong, I have listened to their new stuff and the album sounds good, great video as well. Live on the other hand  my God my ears. It was like WW2 and air raid sirens were going off as this woman sang. The lighting was dark purple or red, and as a concert photographer the golden rule/s are; First 3 songs, no flash. Hell I needed a spotlight.

Please go to my company Facebook page, give us a like as well as RTM. I might be nice and put up a photo gallery here if you are nice. Here is to the upcoming concert season, rock hard and just say “NO!”. I mean it, walk around saying the word no to people, be crazy like that. I leave you now with a bit of older Halestorm, I Get Off.

I Get Off