New World War Z trailer makes me cry

World War Z

Over at they have the new, extended trailer for WWZ and I weep. I have read all Max Brooks books and loved WWZ. This film is NOT that book. To me, it looks as though they spent the money on the title then threw away the book. The “zombies” are running, flipping, gravity defying CGI abominations. Remember I am Legend? Well the effects run along that vein. The film looks like a typical, summer blockbuster with Brad Pitt, and as a Max Brooks fan, it is heartbreaking.

A while back I got to speak with Mr. Brooks at a signing/speech at the local university. In the front row I was thoroughly entertained by his talk. I even got up the nerve to raise my hand and ask a question. He called me a hippie. After the speech, I went to have my copies of WWZ and The Zombie Survival Guide signed. I had my photo taken with him and asked him one last thing. “How is the movie turning out?”. He just looked up at me and then sighed as he shook his head. Not a good sign.

Check out the trailer for yourselves, but be warned, it ain’t the book. A special treat and proof that humanity is about to collapse, the comments section. It is filled with, “I didn’t read the book but…”. So many people are defending this movie who haven’t even read the damn book! READ PEOPLE! It is fundamental! 

World War Z


5 thoughts on “New World War Z trailer makes me cry

  1. WWZ is going to tank so hard — beyond opening weekend and people seeing it out of curiosity — that this is probably going to be where the zombie bubble bursts. I’ve been amazed at the amount of people who have been thinking this is even remotely cool and clearly haven’t bothered to read the book — the film is literally the antithesis of the book. Judging from the the trailer, mankind would last a week against that amorphous CGI flailing blob — how you even can call those ‘fast zombies’ without smirking is beyond me.

    • The closest, good adaptation of WWZ is the unabridged audio book. I LOVE that version, they actually have competent voice actors and they perform the book. It is amazing. You can find it on YouTube, just search for “*UPDATED* Max Brooks World War Z Full Unabridged Audiobook”. No video, but an amazing performance.

      • Yeah, I’ve heard it, or at least the abridged version (didn’t know an unabridged version existed, have to check that out). I mean, that was your movie right there — they could’ve just gotten the actors to play themselves in the ‘present’ day and had others play their younger, past tense versions. Hell, even if they would’ve just focused on Hammil’s character, the average grunt caught up in the end of the world (which in a two hour movie they would’ve had to kept it to one consistent story rather than jump around) and shown everything from his point of view, there was plenty of blank spaces to insert new scenes to flesh it out. Or better yet they could’ve just done it as a TV miniseries and gave it a good six or eight hours and really got the gist of the book.

      • Yeah, it’s like they looked at “The Walking Dead” and said, “Take everything they do, and do the opposite.”. I think they just payed for the name only, because that’s all I saw in the trailer that even matched the book.

      • And the sad apart about it is that how Hollywood works is they’ll only boil it down to “big budget zombie apocalypse = flop”, not the fact that it was a cash grab on a popular and critically acclaimed book, so it kind of screws anyone else who would want to come along and do it — which once you get beyond the b-level of films that are done more for the love of the genre / subject, is the only reason to do zombies big budget, to show the huge large scale spectacle that a smaller film couldn’t afford. Kind of hoping someone would do a faux documentary version of Survival Guide, at least that would get some of Max’s real vision across.

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