I am not a hoax.

 I was just reading an article about Manti Te’o and five other online hoaxes and thought, “I wonder if people out there think I am a hoax?”. Well there were a few similar things in those other hoaxes, enough to make me even wonder. They had people hiding behind blogs, a girl who got offered a job writing and diseases people faked having to scam people. I am here to tell you all, I am not a hoax, I am not out to scam anyone. I may have done some shady things in my past, but I am not here to scam your money.

 What I really am is a disabled vet, trying to find a job writing for a magazine or website where I could actually earn some extra money, broaden my world view and make my way in life without the aid of the government. Now I will show my face to the world just to prove I am not some shifty eyed con-artist. Here you go…

See? A face you can trust.
See? A face you can trust.

Click on my face for the article.


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