Can the Mighty reddit help me?

 I am new here at reddit, so please forgive any flubs on my part. No really, PLEASE
Hello reddit. OK, baring myself to the world and ready for the backlash and/or trollish comments.
 Me= 42, went and grew up in Germany at 5 y/o as an Army BRAT, came back to America at 21.
 Got into the music scene, played in bands, joined the military. When I got out, I started working at strip clubs. DJ, Bartender and finally I was running the joint. I also developed a bad drug habit.
 Had a very bad trip, VERY bad, and went cold turkey. Moved back home and have been clean since 01/11/1997.
 In moving home, that meant being under moms roof. I worked odd jobs as telemarketer, sex shop clerk, gas station clerk and a few others. Things started to hurt as I became “clean”. I had major anxiety attacks and the pain in my joints became increased. I say increased because I found out I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
 I have had it all my life, and as a kid thought it was cool that I could dislocate my shoulders and bend my fingers backwards all the way. I was like Harry Houdini and would make $5 off all the kids I bet to “tie me up and I can get loose”.
 Now I look back. When I was young, it was new and funny. When I got older I was self medicating and now I am mostly bedridden, my computer and variety of craft and jewelry making materials on the shelves around me. All is not lost though.
 About 3 years ago, I sent out a plea to the internet about a Motley Crue show coming up. I wanted to go so bad as I thought I was beyond going to shows, but being a “disabled veteran” really does not pay as much as it should. Finally Seth Green heard my plea. I am also a former 501st Legion member, TB2942, but had to sell my armor for medical stuff and bills. So Seth gets his PR woman, who is awesome, to hook me up with Nikki Sixx‘s tour manager. Nikki played a huge part in me staying clean by writing his book “The Heroine Diaries”. They treated me like a king. VIP laminate, meeting Nikki, seats I could get to with my cane (I now have leg braces) and swag out the wazoo. It was the first time in YEARS that I had felt so good. The show had me waving my cane and feeling young again. Wow!
 I kept in touch, wrote some things on my site here and life started falling back to “normal. Then I got an offer to write for a small, still in print, rock magazine. I went to as many shows as I could, mostly as press after making some contacts in the music industry. ( See for me, it takes DAYS of preparing my body and mind for the abuse it is going to get ) I wrote a few published articles. I had FINALLY found my calling.
 Not only had my “rock writing” started, but people from the Ehlers-Danlos Foundation read a post I wrote about explaining to others what it felt like to have Ehlers-Danlos. They wanted to publish that and a new article in Occupy Healthcare. They were hits. I have gotten more recognition for my Ehlers-Danlos writing that my music journalism. Things have faded since.
 What I am asking reddit and the internet at large for is a job. I want a job writing articles, reviews and concert stories for a reputable magazine. I want to be the kid in “Almost Famous” minus the cheese. I want to be sent on assignment, go on tour with a band, spend a day with Laura Wilde and see what it is like starting in the music industry.
 MOST of all, out of all the dreaming, I want my mother to know I can be OK. She is supposed to be retired! I sit here every moment just thinking of ways I could get her out of debt. She takes care of me, I am 42 years old and my mom has to take care of me. So please, help me. Helping me helps her, and my mom is the most important thing in my life, but I don’t have a life. I threw that life away on drugs and strippers years ago. I also played the genetic roulette and lost. I TRIED, but now I am just dumping this out into the internet ocean like a note in a bottle, hoping the right person finds it.
 Sorry this was so long, couldn’t make a meme that expressed my words.
Thank you,
PS I really want Lzzy Hale to take me to the Grammys as her date, but I doubt even the mighty reddit can make that happen.


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