Goodbye 2012, hello 2013

So here I sit, another New Years alone. Friends who wont return messages, career that I just started not going anywhere and still in pain every day. I know, make a list.

  • Got an article published, and a few more to come.
  • Saw some concerts I reported on
  • Got really popular for my 15 minutes
  • tried to start a campaign to raise awareness for EDS
  • had an article published in Occupy Healthcare
  • that’s about it

Going to try to make it a better year, doubt it will be.

Thanks for all my readers.

3 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012, hello 2013

  1. Know the feeling sweet potato; pain is so bad that i can not stand 😦 Here it is NY’s eve and all. Keep fighting for all us Ehlers. Your stronger then you think. Cheers!

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