Still nothing


So I have fought a bout of depression this week, but I am doing OK now.I got all hyped up on the possibility of talking about EDS on television, then crash and burn.

 The reporter needed meat for the story, because EDS is not sexy. If EDS gave women perfect, elastic bodies, then the would have me on cam 2 seconds top. He wanted to talk to doctors about it, um, there are NO DOCTORS in this area that specialize in EDS let alone know what it is.

 Then the clincher, they wanted my mom to go and talk about how she has to take care of her grown son in front of the city. Yeah  city, because this would only be run locally and no one who could raise awareness would see it. I would not put her through that.

 Went and reviewed Sum 41 the other night, man that singer dude it TWEAKED! He kept sniffing and twitching, but all in all a good show. Read about it in next issue of Rock ThiZ Magazine.

 So, if you are or KNOW a star who is willing to support an invisible disease, help me.

Thanks all.

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