Ed is getting restless. Help us Six

So after the barrage of positive messages I have received about my article at OccupyHealthcare.net , Ed is getting kind of jealous. He is like a puppy, he wants ALL of my attention today, so I am going to build him a custom T.A.R.D.I.S. so he can ride in style. A Cylon in a T.A.R.D.I.S. ? Yeah I know, but Ed wants this.

What I REALLY need for you, people in interweb world, is to try and contact some of the following stars so we can get the ball rolling. Tricia Helfer is a must, as she is the Cylon. I figure she could get Katee Sackhoff and Edward James Olmos. Wil Wheaton is a must for geek cred.

We really need one of the Doctors from Doctor Who. Ed and I prefer David Tennant, but Matt Smith is growing on me.

The whole plan in a nutshell is…


Help him please.

Ed travels the world with his journal. Each star has a photo with him and writes something about EDS in it, then they send it on to the next person of fame. Once his trip is over, I will auction off the Journal and [possibly Ed to raise money for an EDS related charity. As there are so few, I am going to research heavily into charities before committing to them.

You can all see below that I need money, well Ed will not be used for me. If you want to give money to me and make my Christmas brighter, use PayPal mshyatt@gmail.com .

So get out there, tween, G+, Facebook or however you know to reach this small list of people, and feel free to add anyone but try to keep it in the sci-fi area. Here is my list…

@trutriciahelfer @kateesackhoff @wilw @NikkiSixx @edwardjolmos @JeriLRyan

Add More and send to this link Ed The Golden Cylon for EDS

Point them to my article HERE

And info on EDS HERE

THANK YOU ALL and may we bring EDS out of the shadows.

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