OK, internet, HIRE me,please?

Image I have been busting my ass setting up interviews and concerts, meetings with artists and a lot more really cool things.I know everyone wants to be “On the Cover of the Rolling Stone”, I just want a paying gig. Send me on assignment, help me in the PR department.

 I can’t research, go to event, write, take photos and deal with PR and management all at the SAME time. It is very frustrating. I have a video interview with an up and coming artist that will blow your mind, in December I have one of the biggest things I have ever done and I am also being published in a medical magazine on rare, genetic conditions (what I have). If I can get some support, the backing of a publication and I WILL produce amazing things.

 The cost alone is holding me back, as a disabled vet I make around $600 a MONTH. Take $50 on gas, $50 on a hotel, food and if I am lucky to get some swag so I don’t have to buy a $40 shirt. Right there are half my wages gone. I want an editor to call me and say,”Michael, get to the airport. We are flying you up to NYC for a press conference”, or “Ticket is waiting, get to LA and cover this show, interview already set up.”. I could THEN spend my time getting to know the bands music, members and funny stories.

 I feel stuck, I am “Staff” in a small magazine, and never hear from them. I don’t mind coming up with the story on my own, but there has to be a middleman/woman that makes sure everything is set up. Hell I am only still there is because I am building up a portfolio.

 So pass it along, make a huge internet movement, LMFAO, and get me hired somewhere.

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