#TheLetter and I need a JOB.

OK, I am just putting this out there because so many of you are following me from “The Letter“, I need a paying gig and the support the other EDS’ers give and help as much. If anyone out there has contacts with a rock themed website or magazine interested in hiring a disabled vet/writer/photographer, PLEASE let me know. 
 I am currently freelance and the only compensation I get are free tickets, swag, inside information and copies of the magazine. I have to foot my own travel and accommodations, set up everything for interviews and photo shoots, wheel and deal with PR people.
 Not looking to get rich quick, I just want some compensation and recognition for all the work I do. Sure it is nice to go to free shows and meet big rock stars, but it is hard work doing it all on my own when my only income is a disability check every month that barely covers my bills. I LOVE what I am doing now, I want it to last. I have so many things I could potentially do, but I want it to be seen.
 So, if you like my photos or ”  #TheLetter ” and have a lot of followers, or happen to know an editor somewhere, reblog this or introduce me to them. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I haven’t been using Twitter much and am not really confident of my ability to use it productively  but I promise if any opportunities arise from this there will be MANY more awesome photos and good posts, I think they are good, to come and you could help me stay in my Dream Job. 

Thank you Everyone.

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