Evanescence8 This is something I personally didn’t want to hear. Amy Lee is saying it is going to be awhile before they do another album. Hell, it was FIVE years in between The Open Door and the latest self titled Evanescence. That is entirely too long in my opinion as a fan.

Hell, I was inspired to write a novel from the first album, Fallen, and TOD was not that great an album. It felt thrown together with new band members and the split from Ben Moody. The latest album was a step in the right direction, but they need to go back to their roots, well Amy’s roots that is.

If they are going on an extended break, the next album has to be epic. What I would really like to see is a concept album, there have not been many attempts at concept albums in a long while. The last one I really liked was Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime. They tried to capture the magic with Mindcrime 2, but with all the turmoil and line up changes, it was pretty dull and had no hooks.

One of my favorite concept albums of all time has to be Rush’s 2112. Side one was something I would put my late 70’s, huge headphones on and drift away to “ALL PLANETS IN THE SOLAR FEDERATION!”. Yes I am fraking old! Fallen was almost a concept album, but the stories it told didn’t connect. If they did something like Fallen in a concept form, I would be happy for the five year wait.

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Evanescence News Source- NME

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