Why do X-men movies SUCK?


OK, so we had the first two by Bryan Singer and if you were not a DIE-HARD X-men fan, were …eh OK. Then Singer left to make his godawful Superman returns. THAT movie had potential, but he forgot he was doing an action movie, not a drama.

Part 3 comes along and says, “We are going to throw every mutant ever mentioned ever in this movie. No matter if they come from different time periods or titles.”.We all thought we were all getting a “Dark Phoenix” movie, that would have been awesome, but we got crap.

So movie executives think, I guess the do, and decide to make a movie with the most popular character, Wolverine. Sounds good so far, then they made it.We spend half the movie with a Wolverine that cries, yes CRIES. Blah, Blah, snickt,  snickt killing ensues movie over. OH NO, I FORGOT. They put Deadpool in that abomination. Ryan Reynolds played a great Wade Wilson, but what they did to me, um Deadpool, was unforgivable. Come on, Laser eyes, swords that came out of his arms and a mouth that was sewn shut. The MERC WITH A MOUTH had his MOUTH sewn shut! 

I am gonna be sick, hold on.

OK back. that was a repressed memory and caught me off guard. Where were we? OH, X-men First Class. Now if this were just a superhero movie, it was great, but it was supposed to be the X-men. Fresh and young, no matter Scott Summers looked the same age as Professor X. And AGAIN, they placed every mutant they could dig up and shoved them in here.

Well now they have finally started work on “The Wolverine” and First Class 2. Here is what someone had to say.

It’s called ‘Days of Future Past.’ It deals with aspects of that comic, but also some very new things.

— Bryan Singer, producer


  • If you read the comics, then you’ll recognize that Days of Future Past is actually one of the more popular storylines that ran in The Uncanny X-Men, which alternated between present day and an alternative dystopian future as the X-Men fought off Mystique’s Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.
  • The script for the movie is still being written, but if everything goes on schedule, then it’ll hit theaters as planned by July 18, 2014.
  • The film will be directed by Matthew Vaughn, and you can expect the original cast of First Class to come back in full force.
  • The sequel will be touching on other aspects of the entire X-Men film franchise. In Bryan’s words, we might be seeing more ‘connectivity.’ Could this mean that we’ll be seeing more crossovers and spin-offs in the future?

Hate it already. Hey let us do that magical thing Christopher Nolan did with Batman, START OVER! And give me my DEADPOOL back!


7 thoughts on “Why do X-men movies SUCK?

  1. I got around to seing the so called xmen days of wolverines past oh my bad I mean days of future past well that’s what it was suposed to have been anyways but the first one was what it was more then anything I know that the bryan singer fans like this horrible 2 hours worth of garbage film but I can understand they don’t know the awesomeness that is the xmen well the actual xmen and what the movies should be and what they are are two completely different things this movie probably one of the most borring drug out for two long movies ever made bryan singer has no idea what he’s doing and it shows big time it waswhat I thought it would be another xmen drama movie the action so closed in that you couldnt see what was going on bryan singer you should stick to drama that’s where you should stay and you and xmen should stay at least a million milles away from eatch other at all times xmen is not meant to be law and order or gone girl its suposed to be action filled fight scenes with amazing carecters set in fantastic worlds where the main stars are the xmen as a team not a episode of law and order where wolverine magneto and mystic are what the whole story evolves around borring snoresville the xmen movies all suck that’s end of debate there’s nothing to debate I just hope that in my life time I can see marvel get the xmen back so I can see the xmen doing what the xmen are suppers to be not borring interpertaions

    • I agree with yo, honestly. DofP was above par, but par was very low to begin with. I did hear today that they are releasing a DVD of the said film called “The Rouge” version. Supposed 10 more minutes of Anna Paquin’s cut role. Same as they did with “Watchmen” , release different versions as a money grab.

  2. I agree with this artical but dissagree about the xmen 1 and 2 being ok they really are ridiculously over rated artistically garbage I don’t see what’s so good about them there boring and repetitive I have been very vocal about my dislike of these movies from the start my sisster and I grew up with the cartoons and loved them but when we watched the movie our excitment quickly turned to angry as we where watching and getting half way into the movie and getting bored watching it because it was like watching a drama with as little action as possible redicklus black leather costumes and feeling nothing like the xmen at all but more like a movie about mutants with boring powers storm did not fly cyclops did not use his laser eyes much at all rogue was horrible wolverine looked funny with black leather on no gambit and so on and so fourth so in conclusion xmen 1 and 2 are two of the worst comic book movies I have ever seen in my life

    • Well now that DOFP has wiped the slate clean, we can HOPE for better fioms. I just hate that Marvel does not have the rights. With the next Avengers movie, there will be another QS? Crazy. It all needs to be bargained out so Spidey, Logan and everyone else can come out to play. 🙂

  3. i agree im so sick of people saying that the movies are the movie versions of the xmen well i hate the xmen movies but i love the real xmen i pray for a good directer to take on the xmen where wolverine looks like wolverine and rogue isnt a winey 14 year old girl with way better action scenes xmen 1 and 2 are some of the worst comic book movies ever made

  4. I am so insanely, ridiculously over ALL X-Men movies. If they wanna do a re-boot, they need to look no further than The Avengers. I don’t even read nor necessarily care for the Avengers franchise but DAMN! What a good movie. It was a GREAT superhero movie. What did we get with X1, X2 and X3? Barely recognizable versions of our favorite characters in drab black, insanely uncharacteristic depictions of themselves and no good mutant vs mutant or optic blasts or lighting bolts causing severe devasation. First Class was a better film, I’ll give them that but don’t jump into the damn multiverse when you haven’t even managed to get the mainstream right yet. Days of Future Past huh? What an utterly ridiculous movie to do for non-comic book fans. People won’t have a friggin CLUE! I’m so annoyed.

    • I have nothing to add to that. I agree with you on every point. Avengers was brilliant, but look who made it. I have great feelings of dread for the rumored JLA movie. *shivers*

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