I need press credentials?

This whole journalist gig is, how should I say it, enraging. Is that a word? Well if not it should be. You cannot imaging the hoops I have to jump through to get the simplest of things done to get my story.

Take the Kiss/Motley Crue tour, or THE TOUR, I know the tour manager for Motley Crue. He promised me after last years tour he would get me in this time. Then the fly in the ointment, Kiss Brand Ointment. Gene Simmons had a no comp policy at the start of the tour. It lasted all of 4 shows. My show was number 4. I had to wait until the last seconds before I could hit the road and still make the show. (I live 3 hours away)

Tickets and press passes denied by Kiss management = no big, career starting cover story for me. who do I have to blow to get press authority? In this case it was probably Gene. If I didn’t know that money went to him, I would buy the new Kiss/Hello Kitty toilet paper and… well you know.

Kiss Sucks




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