Lindsay Lohan — The Bizarre Sex Scene Demand

Lindsay Lohan -- The Bizarre Sex Scene Demand

 I officially know that Lindsay Lohan is insane. Like I needed any more proof right?

So she is shooting this, I’ll call it a “movie“, called The Canyons (no cleavage joke here), and there is a nude scene. SURPRISE! How else could she ever get a job now? All of a sudden she gets shy, aw. This coming from a woman who has flashed her vagina so much she became known as Fire-crotch, posed in Playboy, took the crown of Nip-slip Queen from Janet Jackson and in my opinion, FAKED being a lesbian for publicity. It might have been cocaine but I don’t know.

Instead of asking the director if it could be shot a different way without the nudity, she demands all ten male crew members to strip to their boxers!  Only going by rumors and tabloid junk like what I link to below, Lindsay has probably been nude if front of a group of guys/gals before. Hey when your coked up, anything goes.

Remember her arrest when they found coke in her pants and her excuse was, “These aren’t my jeans.”? Whose jeans were they? Why are you wearing them? Is there a coke dealer locked in a bathroom somewhere pant-less?

All I know is Lindsay Lohan is weird. Would I bang her? Well, there was a time I would have, but now the boxers will stay on. Plus 12 condoms and Lysol spray.

I can’t wait for this “movie”

Lindsay Lohan — The Bizarre Sex Scene Demand |

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