RockingSo I am back over here. My other blog, http://www.tb2942.com is still there, but I am starting to do reviews for a magazine and this is a better place to do that.

I was hired on freelance by Rock ThiZ Magazine and was scheduled to do a concert review/interview with Nikki Sixx or the whole band. Well that got nixed because of Kiss’ clause in the contract that this was a “no comp tour”. When I say Kiss, I mean the money grubbing, so low as to put Kiss’ name on caskets and TOILET PAPER, Gene Simmons.

My friend, who is Motley Crue’s tour manager, tried his hardest to get me in, but didn’t happen.

The silver lining to all of this is I get to meet and photograph one Laura Wilde. She is sexy as hell, comes from Australia, plays kick ass rock AND she actually plays almost every instrument under the sun. She is opening for Ted “crazy as hell” Nugent on the 9Th and I am gonna be there. I have my leg braces all shined up and ready to go.

 So while I am in the writing mood, I am gonna do some maintenance here, write some reviews, rants and opinions of things I have missed during my long absence. 



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