Happy a game is almost beaten? WTF?

I now have Batman Arkham City in the sexbox and I have almost beaten it. I have about %25 to go finding all Riddler’s thingys and some Catwoman stuff left, but main story complete. So why am I happy I spent $70 on a months of gaming? Because Many, many month await in Star Wars The Old Republic.


This is my first jump into the MMO field, sure I dabbled in WoW til I got bored= day. But playing TOR so far in beta for the last year, wow it has been that long, has gotten me hooked. So I set out to find a Guild. Found a great one as well that accepts n00bs and is of an older crowd like me. No set “Raid times” Solo or group..Pretty much sit back and join the game, we got your back


Read this weeks comics I get. I started again for that New 52 thing, and I have to say, the issues I have read are great. I decided to go all Justice League, with a few suggestions thrown in.

  • Justice League– Started slow but wow it has me
  • Superman-Also started slow but the action picked up and were fine. Love the new costume no matter what anyone thinks
  • Batman– Loving it
  • Wonder Woman– What WW SHOULD be, a kick ass ,Amazon warrior.
  • Aqua-man– Was worried about him but the first issue will catch ya
  • Green Lantern– Well if seems like Green Lantern, no big changes
  • The Flash– Can’t wait until next issue..arrrrgh
  • The Dark Knight– Had to get another Batman comic

Then to add some connections I got,

  • Supergirl– Will blow you away, literally. Superman’s OLDER cousin who just appears on Earth. First 3 issues fighting
  • Catwoman–  Have always loved Catwoman, so no brainer here. And it is GOOD.
  • Nightwing– Never really read him, but liking it so far

So all in all, good week so far. “Catch ya on the flip side”

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