A Sith toonI can FINALLY talk about something I have been under a NDA about since December!

Star Wars: The Old Republic” is a kick ass game! No matter what you have heard, this game is not a WoW killer, this game blends great gameplay, social interaction and good, or evil, old Star wars fun.

Yes technically it is a MMO, but don’t let that scare you off. I have not played MMO’s in years because of snotty kids and adults alike, get a guild of like-minded people and ignore everyone else if you want too. I BETA tested this game for almost a year…wow I can’t believe it has been that long, and watched it evolve.

Now for you solo gamers, you really don’t have to team up if you don’t want too. Hell I played 99% of this game solo. If I got to levels that were too hard, I would hop in my starship and go back and do the group quests alone. There are points where you simply HAVE to group up, my Trooper against 3 Sith? I needed a Jedi at least.

There are still some bugs I think need working out, but be ready world, this is not just a game, it has STORY! It will draw you in like a black hole

If you pre-order, you get cool doo-dads to play with “in-game” but if you get “THE COLLECTORS EDITION” you get a cool polystone but of some SITH guy. Yes I have it, yes I am gonna geek out on it.

Now where are the wires that plug my brain into it, or was it red pill vs blue? Hmmm

3 thoughts on “STAR WARS is here…AGAIN.

  1. You are so gonna love it..I think. It is strange, like a rpg with grouping but THE most kick ass story. Been having trouble today as they asked us to change our password, not I can’t remember it. Back to Batman Arkham City

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