X-Men, if you speak Russian.

I came across this a week or so ago and have been waiting for an English version to post. Marvel’s YouTube page has a thumbnail up, but the video doesn’t work, so Russians hear ya go.

This is X-Men First Class and I am torn. I have varied thoughts on all the X-Men movies. I thought 1 and 2 were good for what they were, X-Men movies for sure, but they lacked any of the comic book atmosphere. Costumes were black and boring, where was Wolverines mask? Rouge was quite younger in the movie and it made me feel weird after lusting for her all these years, plus they got her powers all wrong, flying anyone?

The 3rd one was put together by a bunch of people at a table pulling mutant names out of a hat and putting them into the script just to satisfy fanboys/girls. In 2 they screwed up Nightcrawler bad, in 3 they raped my favorite badass woman, Phoenix. Now Phoenix had what you would call ultimate power, she could do anything with her mind, and yours. She wore a killer costume and was surrounded by flames 20 feet high in the shape of…..? A Phoenix! Then she became Dark Phoenix and all hell broke loose. In 3, she wore the same costume from previous films with a few tweaks and was not badass at all, she got killed by Wolverines claw poke in the stomach. Lame

Now we get to The Wolverine movie. I hate it so much, I can’t remember its name. wolverine was a wimp, million more mutants thrown in from every era just for the hell of it and they turned the coolest character, Deadpool, into whatever the fuck abomination the filmmakers thought the coolest mutant should be. I cried at the end, it wasnt sad, Deadpool wasnt Deadpool and it made me cry.

Now we have “X-Men First Class” or “Mutant American Pie”. It is actually starting to look like X-Men, they even wear yellow. It is set around the time of The Cuban Missile Crisis and has big effects with a pretty cool cast. If you speak Russian, or just wanna see this, look down.

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