Into the Black

Into the Black: Tales from the ‘Verse


Teaser Trailers

HVX-200A (Used for Cloverfield movie)
PMW-EX1 (The step up from the HVX-200A)
Canon 5D Mark II (Used on the finale episodes of last seasons House, M.D.)
Canon Rebel T2i
Most importantly, with the funding we can rent a RED camera that will provide by far the best quality (Camera used on Pirates 4, The Social Network, Leverage TV series, etc. etc.)

Other Equipment:
2 Tripods
Shoulder Mount
8 ft. Crane
3 boom mics, 2 wireless lav microphones (generally won’t use but we have them just in case), and wind muffs/cages/whatever normal people call them. 😉
5 Light kit, with access to other lighting kits if needed, but like the series we’ll try to do as much natural lighting as we can (the movie did more stylized lighting and coloring, if anyone that’s a film buff noticed).
Portable sound mixer (and several of the cameras have on camera sound).

We’re going to build one of them! The ship will be built with the funding. Hence the high price tag. Each individual episode won’t be that much, but the ship initially will be expensive to build and fill.
This is the Place Heritage Park has already agreed if we pay. I’m meeting with them next week to talk further details. We’d have access to a small city full of 1850’s structures – cabins, churches (very important as you’ll see eventually), old hospitals, saloons, etc. They’d lower the price for an ongoing series being shot there.
The great Salt Flats (featured in Independence Day and Pirates) is available to shoot in, we just need to make sure everyone knows how to get to the best location for it.
Most of Southern Utah is generally available as well and will definitely give the Western vibe when we need it.

People already on board:
Zachary D. Marsh – Director. Has worked 3 feature films, a few international projects (Mastercard, Yesco), and several corporate projects.
Rachel C. Marsh – Producer. Great money manager and organizer, works with non-profit organizations generally.
Bradley Olsen – International Director of Photography. Has done work in Kenya, the Philippines, and continues to run cameras all over the United States and Mexico.
Michael Stone – Post-Production Supervisor, Writer. Has edited and producer several projects including award-winning children’s television series, commercials (for companies such as Microsoft). Currently freelance.
BoogeymanFX – Special effects and make-up team whose background includes movies such as Hostel. Continues to do horror make-up (perfect for Reaver and remains, no?).
Pamelia H. Campbell – Catering. Has catered numerous independent projects in Utah, has volunteered to help out any way she can.
Tabitha Jordan – On set photographer. An up and coming photographer with a unique style and a great eye. Most of the 8 1/2×11’s for the Kickstarter rewards will easily be coming from her.

Others already committed: Daniela Rodriguez (Writer), Ian Lawrence (Voice Over and PA work), Sam Stone (VO and PA work).

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